Stabline - Plaques de calage - Plaques de roulage  

Exceptional qualities
- Unbreakable even with the most heavy weights
- Water resistant, damp- proof rotten less they stay light no matter what the weather is like
- Long lasting as wood can be
- Easy to use: the disks even if they have a big diameter can be folded by one person
- Equipped with special grab poles
- Easy to clean under pressure water or with a simple jet
- Stabpads guarantee electric isolation
- Resistant at multiple chemical aggressions
- Can be used in rough weather conditions (-100°c to +80°c)
- Respect the environment: they are and can be recycled.
- Grip treatment (included for the majority of the products)

Stabline - Plaques de roulage - Plaques de calage

Needless to take risks with hazardous stabilizers for your handling and lifting gear.
The stabilizers Stabpads are indispensable on every working area. They are a guarantee of your security and of your comfort when working on the field.
When they are used on unstable ground the stabilizers Stablines adapt to the surface without causing any damages on pavement. The weight can go up to 90t.
Indispensable on every working area, hundreds of crane, truck crane and nacelle are already equipped with Stabpads stabilizers.